Shiv Mahapuran By Baba Shivanandji Part 8

Ganesh Stuti & Koi Puran (in Gujarati called Dosi Puran)
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The publication of Biography of 108 Saints of India was Inaugurated on 29th October 2012 by Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji in front of 1000's of Sadhaks at the Shiv Yog Sibir, Harrow Leisure centre UK. During the inauguration babaji said, "just looking at the book, I am feeling good energy (Urja) It contains good information about all the great Saints that have blessed our Sanatan Dharma,
           This book contains meaning of all the Mantras, festival, Shree Yantra and Sri Vidya Mantra.  Order Online tel.+44 208 2053117