How To Dupe In Diablo 2 New Ladder 113 Working Updated Aug 31 2009

~~ heres link to the download  ~~
just updated the dupe.

the program uses autoit . " may come up as a virus" just ignore that or disable antivirus while using it. 

other then that . enjoy. i made my share of money on this game. just sharing with the world. goodluck and remember email me @ for further help or any questions ill gladly assist you.

-From the makers of D2BS and D2NT

How it works: The program we have made works by going into your game and injecting a a C03k8.xpf file. It will freeze your game and lose all previous save. This is where the dupe comes in, after the dupe has been run you exit the game and join back. The game does not save what's in your inventory only whats on the ground. The items that you had dropped become available again and you can pick back up the items on the ground. This makes a simple undetectable hack.

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