Fresno Hmong New Year

Fresno Hmong International New Year 2011-2012
Fresno Hmong New Year held at BIG FRESNO FAIRGROUNDS. Hmong International New Year Celebration 2012 Fresno, California - December 26, 2011 - January 1, 2012. Hmong New Year is an event for everyone young and old. Families and friends go to the event to socialize, to buy stuff, to eat all the great food, to learn traditional Hmong culture ( ball tossing), to find that special love one, and many other things to do and see. 
These are some of the images I captured during the Fresno New Year 2011-2012. The beauty of people really shows when they are having fun no matter if they're old or young. 
songs use in this video : One Of Us by Joan Osborne, Tsis Tau Pom Dua by Phooj Ywg, Like a Shooting Star by Paridise, and Nkauj Hmoob California by Phooj Ywg. Thank you to all of you for writing and singing such great songs, we are truely blessed. Thank you to our Lord God for giving each one of you the knowledge and talent that you possess. If you have not found God, may he find his way into your heart. Thank you, Hope In Christ (HIC) for bringing me to God and showing me the passion that you all have for him.