User Review Sony Hxr Nx70

We tested the new Sony NX-70 on the field to give it a once-over in situations that w find ourselves in. 

This is a great little camera - surely something that we definitely would like to have for the following main reasons:

1. It's rain and dust proof! :-)
2. Small and handy 
3. Has professional class audio inputs in the form of XLR balanced microphone jacks
4. It's got nightshot
5. We could trust the full auto function
6. We could take off the microphone handle and make the camera even smaller and shoot surreptitiously

(Correction: The 96 gig is not a hard disk, but it is a flash drive. The error is regretted.)

The camera was loaned from Tegas Broadcast & Multimedia Sdn Bhd. All enquiries can be directed to them.