Mugen Nakoruru Vs Dio Brando

Can Nakoruru by Roque defeat the terror of Dio by Warusaki3 and his steamroller?

Stage: Rooftop over Hiryu (Mahoromatic: Battlematic Maiden)
Music: Esperanto (Rockman Zero 4 Remastered Tracks)

Oh yes, Dio. One of the most popular villains in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Why? Three things: WRYYYYYY, ZA WARUDO and his exploding steamroller (which is somehow more ridiculous in Jump Ultimate Stars, namely because of the fact that you can drag down people into nothingness with it...). Aside from that, he has a defensive AI that's nothing special.

In true Pikawil tradition, Round 1 is a close one with the tides quickly turned by Nako's super-bloody slash and the fact that Wolf Li--- err, I mean her wolf is stuck in a glitched position (Did Zant pull a curs-- whoops, Twilight Princess spoilers!) where as Round 2 was a wreckage of Dio with little effort.

And anyone else here think that Nako is cute?