How To Tie A Paracord Gaucho Knot

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This video will show how to tie a Gaucho knot using a length of paracord, Jumbo Perma-Lok lacing needle, 1/2" diameter PVC pipe, rubber band, and a clay stylus.  I've used the stylus for years as a makeshift marlinspike and it's done just fine for that purpose.  You can also use an awl or other pointed object to dress a knot, as you work out the slack and tighten it up, keeping it neat and even in appearance.

This decorative knot can be added to a cane, walking stick, hiking staff, knife, sheath, pen, lanyards, fobs, used as a Boy Scout woggle or neckerchief slide, etc..  Like many Turk's head knots, you'll find yourself looking for ways to use them and different places to tie them...

Informative video with some history on Turk's head knots and variations:

5 lead 4 bight Turk's head knot:

Gaucho knot:

Jumbo Perma-Lok Lacing Needle:

Clay stylus:

Attach paracord to a lacing needle: