My Solid State Fet Superregenerative Vhf Receivermp4

This is my own version of the solid state Superregenerative VHF/FM Receiver. The semiconductor lineup is 3 X 2N3819 Field Effect Transistors and an LM380N Audio Output Stage. The 1st stage is a simple grounded grid untuned RF Stage and isolates the antenna from the detector rather then any usefull increase in gain. The 2nd stage is a self quenched superregenerative detector and for its simplicity it is very sensitive, As you can see in the video the regular FM stations are being picked up on a short telescopic antenna. The 3rd stage is an audio preamplifier and its purpose is to increase the audio gain before feeding the final signal to an audio amplifier. For what Superregenerative Receivers are, They are a good learning point before moving on to advanced VHF designs but there main disadvantages are due to the detector always oscillating,  They can radiate interference if no RF Stage is used and must be enclosed in a shielded metal case. On very strong stations audio quality can be very good but do not expect Hi Fi quality like my Pulse Counting Superhet Receivers and they are no way stereo compatible. This design will also be a future project on my following webpage