Fuelless Heater No Fuel No Gas No Wood No Green House Gases

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Although the device is efficient, in most all water heating applications it is difficult to economically justify a device. The company has moved towards the mixing and reaction chemistry applications and specialized heating applications. The system can heat water, but there are numerous competing technologies that can heat water and make steam that are much less capital intensive and often cheaper to operate, as electricity is an expensive and highly refined fuel when compared to gas, coal or oil. Because of this we ceased marketing home/residential heating systems and generic steam systems. Our core heating applications are now applications where:

A fluid scales rapidly on a heat transfer surface 

Safety/operational concerns demand a flameless system for safety 
Total automation is needed and not available with conventional technology 

Our heating applications are largely niche applications where conventional technology falls short. Examples of heating applications well suited to the device include:

Heating of food products such as cheese, eggs and chocolate 
Heating chemical and polymeric streams 
Heating industrial brines and heavy salt solutions 

Our company continues to strive to bring our customers the best industrial heating, mixing and reactor solutions.


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